I think I have a good idea. The idea is that, because I’m really bad with my focus (and other things) I have a hard time with both showing a lot of my work and finishing things in general.

I recently filled up (for the most part - some back pages are blank esp. if I like whats on the front page and want to preserve it) my moleskine sketchbook that I started in 2015! In my defense I started other sketchbooks and did other work but I’d like to be a one-at-a-time-girl from now on. I think that would be a good habit.

Anyways I’m pretty tired but I really wanted to post these RIGHT NOW so. I love seeing peoples sketchbooks and I think it’s become an important part of my practice. Actually, I don’t use sketchbooks enough! Count how many times I wrote the word sketchbook! Sketchbook.

My (sketchbook) tends to be on the diaristic side, so its always fun to look back and see some reminders of what was happening, who I was with etc. Hope you enjoy!

Alexandra PouchPouch

Alexandra Haddad